Fake information in Ukrainian social media: concept, types, impact on the audience

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Kitsa M. O. № 1 (52) 281-287 Image Image

The article considers the concept of untruthful and fake information; their differences have been found out, the definition of fake information has been offered. The classification of fake has been suggested, based on the different signs, the variations of purpose of fake information dissemination on the Internet have been found out. The work suggests the essence and origin of the concept of “social media”, describes the creation and distribution of fake information in social media. The typical examples of fake information in Ukrainian social media have been described, the impact of such messages to users of social networks have been clarified. The methods of fighting with the dissemination of fake information in the Ukrainian media space have been suggested.

Keywords: fake, untruthful information, social media, misinformation, social networks.

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