Formation of modern development model of national economy

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The article presents approaches and consequences of reformation of national economy for twenty-five-year period of independence of Ukraine, that a liberal democratic model was the basis of. The liberal idea of transformation of economy positively showed oneself in some countries of the world on the certain stages of their development, however in Ukraine it was not crowned by success. The society appeared not ready to perception of principles of democracy and liberalism, but its separate layers used them on the manner. It brought to many negative consequences; it is extraordinarily difficult to remove them. It is necessary to have a new model of reformation of economy in basis of that the trust of society would be to power, justice, defence and aims, tasks and priorities of development. There must be certain mechanisms of their realization. The society got tired from chaos and requires from power an order that can be provided by the instruments of government control strengthening of the personal responsibility each for incumbent business.

Keywords: model economy, liberal-democratic idea, economic order, tools of state regulation of economy.

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