Impact of marketing research on ensuring the enterprise functioning efficiency

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Bosak I. P., Homolska V. V. № 1 (64) 113-119 Image Image

The article examines the impact of marketing research on ensuring the efficiency of the activities of domestic enterprises in conditions of competition. It is determined that the successful functioning of business enterprises significantly depends on marketing information, and this requires conducting relevant research. It is proven that the business activities of domestic enterprises require the activation of marketing research, which will lead to the creation of sustainable competitive advantages and allow developing promising directions in their activities.

The works of scientists are analyzed and the significance of the information base for making optimal management decisions in the process of the enterprise’s production activity is clarified. It is found that marketing research carried out at the level of the enterprise helps and makes it possible to better understand the position and behavior in the market, the pace of the market development, the consumer expectations, the actions of the main competitors, the real situation in a specific industry, important changes taking place in the market, which will affect the correct behavior, better understanding of the market situation, timeliness of implementing the necessary solutions.

It is argued that the studies should be objective, sufficiently complete, well-groun­ded and take into account, as far as possible, the entire set of influencing factors. The substantiation of important factors that affect the functioning of enterprises and their development is given and carried out. In the process of research, the content of mar­keting research is formed, which reveals the subject, purpose, main tasks, principles and functions.

The volumes of the marketing research market are analyzed based on the data of the Ukrainian Marketing Association, which annually provides the information on Ukraine for the global research of trends in the global marketing research market.

Keywords: activity efficiency, enterprise, marketing research, competitive advan­tages, business environment, marketing information, market conditions.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2022-1-64-113-119

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