Influence of eccentric disc knife location on the forces of book blocks cutting

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Vatuliak Yu. V., Kolomiiets A. B., Shustykevych A. I. № 2 (61) 109-114 Image Image

Features of construction of two-section machines for running of cardboard material are described. The relative position of the running sections may be perpendicular when the next section is located at an angle of 900 to the previous one and linear when the sections of longitudinal and transverse running are arranged in one row. It is shown that in the first option, the cardboard blank after passing through the longitudinal running section stops and then moves in the transverse direction, and in the second option, the workpiece stops, rotates by 900, and then continues its movement in the same direction. In both cases, after passing the cardboard workpiece through the first section requires stopping, basing and accelerating the workpiece to the speed of the machine. A new design of a two-section running machine is suggested, which simplifies the structure and reduces the dimensions of the equipment, as well as increases the productivity.

The schematic diagram of a two-section machine for running of cardboard material is presented. The principle of operation of the main components of the device is shown. It is noted that a characteristic feature of the structure of this machine is that in one revolution of the main shaft the carriage with running tools for cross-running performs two opposite movements with two pauses between them, which increases the productivity. The developed kinematic scheme of the drive of the two-section running machine is described.

The method of calculation of the developed device for running of cardboard material is presented. Analytical dependencies for determination of geometrical, kinematic and force parameters are presented. The article presents a scheme for calculating the length of the running line.

Keywords: running, cardboard, preparation, basing, section, carriage, drive, ma­chine, running rollers.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2020-2-61-109-114

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