Integration of the authorization subsystem into web services using the PAYPAL payment system

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Павлусь О. Б., Марцишин Р. С., Міюшкович Ю. Г. № 1 (64) 76-85 Image Image

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine one’s life without web services that are created to solve specific problems of various kinds. Authentication and authorization are probably the most common requirements for any web service. During the development, the software company decides which solution to implement according to the specific situation, needs and wishes of customers. Being able to register on the site quickly and easily is perhaps the most important aspect for the user. One way to log in to the site is to use ancillary providers. An example of such a provider is the PayPal payment system service. This payment system is used by hundreds of millions of users, which provides an incredible demand for the use of this platform.

PayPal authorization is a commercial authentication solution that allows your customers to securely access your website using their login information from a PayPal account. Thus, the user, having created his account in one system, will be able to share their data with another web service. This shared information could be used to facilitate the customer’s activities on your website or app. For example, to create new accounts, to prefill customer information in forms, or verify the customer’s information for actions such as payments, shipping charges, and more.

PayPal uses the latest security standards, storing all user data on its own, so web service developers do not have to worry about that. When merchants put Log in with PayPal on their websites, account creation and other actions are simplified for their customers (buyers) since they have only one user ID and password to remember, they can have fewer forms to fill out, and they trust PayPal to secure their personal and financial information.

Keywords: PayPal, authentication, authorization, payment system, web service, website.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2022-1-64-76-85

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