Media viruses and their use as information weapon

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Kurban O. V. № 1 (52) 267-271 Image Image

The paper presents the results of research innovation instrument used in modern media – media viruses. Today this technology of has not yet been fully processed at the methodological level, making use of a system not sufficiently effective. However, the most successful examples of media viruses in the Ukrainian-Russian military and political conflict (years 2014-2016) indicate the great potential of the researched technologies. Understanding the hidden potential of that technology today must clearly examine all its components and identify critical levers with which to manage the processes of creating and running media viruses. Another issue in the context of the subject media activism is a phenomenon that involves certain hidden media operations aimed at manipulating public consciousness and create some publicity appearances of certain public figures or public projects. The said technology also requires systematic study and identification of applications leverage that will enable to make the technology more manageable and therefore more effective.

Keywords: media viruses, information online wars, media activism, social networks.

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