Method of calculation of light-sensitivity of photo-polymerizing materials (layers) on pvs basis

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Bazyliuk K. F., Shybanov V. V., Yasinskyi M. F. № 1 (58) 28-39 Image Image

The research in the area of sensitometry of photo-polymerizing materials (PPM) began practically simultaneously with the works on their formation. The first articles on this subject were published as early as in the middle of the 1950s [1, 2]. Their authors adapted the method of sensitometry of traditional silver-containing photo-materials to the estimation of light-sensitivity of PPM by simple and obvious substituting of reaction function by light influence: in place of dependency of the negative optical density on its power exposition it is suggested to determine the dependency of the layer thickness of polymerized PPM on the size of its exposition.

The variety of methods of determination of PPM light-sensitivity is conditioned by many reasons, namely: the differences of physical properties of the studied materials, the necessary precision of testing, the availability, the producibility and operationability of methods. The choice of concrete method of light-sensitivity estimation is determined by a research purpose above all things.

Spectroscopic, optical, dilatometric, electrometric, physical - mechanical and other methods are used for the study of kinetics and mechanisms of photo-chemical trans­for­mations of PPM components. At the same time, very often such methods are not sui­table for operative technological researches and production testing of PPM because of complication and high cost. The most widespread method of estimation of PPM light-sensitivity in production terms is the use of test-negatives. The popularity of this method is determined by simplicity and availability, and unfortunately its results have semi-quantitative character only. Some methods allow performing the quantitative estimation of parameters of light- PPM sensitivity, taking into account their characteristic curves, designed on the basis of the geometrical or gravimetrical measurements. The advantage of such methods is in relative simplicity of measuring of PPM geometrical sizes or layer mass, formed by light.

The development of the method of evaluation of PPM light-sensitivity allows de­termining sensitometric parameters of the material and simultaneously forecasting the character of the relief formation process.

Keywords: light-sensitivity, relief formation, exhibiting, spectral composition.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2019-1-58-28-39

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