Methodical principles of improvement of information and analytical support in managing the security system of contractual relations

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Yaremyk Kh. Ya., Yaremyk M. I. № 1 (54) 154-162 Image Image

In the article the influence of the major threats to economic security of the enterprise, which arise in the process of its contracting activities, has been studied. Also the definitions of the security of contractual relations and the security system of contractual relations have been proposed. The article highlights main tasks of information-analytical support of the security of contractual relations. The basic features of unreliability of counterparties have been determined and verification methods of business partners have been suggested in order to reduce the risks of threats to economic security of the enterprise. Besides, the article substantiates the expediency of engineering and implementation of automated support systems of functioning security system of contractual relations that can integrate with a system of information and analytical support and establishes its main task. Also the basic preparation steps for its successful implementation have been outlined. In addition, the expediency of creating a two-level system of verification of foreign partners in Ukraine has been substantiated.

Keywords: security of contractual relations, information and analytical support, threats, methodology of the reliability analysis of counterparties, security management system of contractual relations.

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