Protection methods and approaches against RFID-attacks in automated registration systems of book products

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Kozak R. O., Osinchuk O. I., Yavorska N. I., Yavorskyi A. V. № 2 (57) 54-63 Image Image

The advantages of using RFID-identification technology have been analyzed. The available capabilities of radio frequency identification technology and the use of the above-mentioned set of measures to ensure the protection of RFID-systems information allow us to conclude that the current state of RFID industry can be characterized as a phase of mature improvement. In spite of all the benefits of radio frequency systems, the existence of a real threat of confidentiality, which limits the scope of such systems, in particular for the registration of book products, should be recognized.

Information security threats and potential attacks on identifiers based on RFID have been discovered. The sales network interested in the implementation of RFID systems should use different methods of protection and management of the information security system, operational and technical control to minimize the risks arising from the introduction of RFID systems. An approach to increase the level of information security that identifies book products in registration systems has been described. It should be borne in mind that each specific implementation of the RFID system is inextricably linked with the specifics of the tasks performed, and not all current methods of protection can be effective in the industry. It is necessary to evaluate the risks associated with the implementation of RFID technology and to develop appropriate solutions to ensure the control and application of information protection methods, taking into account all possible factors such as: the magnitude of the threats, the cost of implementation and technical support, and also the performance of the system and possible losses.

The ways of increasing the stability of RFID systems have been listed. System developers to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to data are forced to follow the recommendations for strengthening the protection of information of the radio frequency system in general. The following methods are recommended to improve the stability of RFID systems to the above threats: minimize the confidential data on the label, password protection of radio frequency tags, data encryption, data signing, and the physical protection of RFID systems.

Keywords: information security, RFID tag, book inventory, information security risks, security threats.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2018-2-57-54-63

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