Publishing brand as a communication product

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Yezhyzhanska T. S. № 1 (54) 238-248 Image Image

The article deals with the information level of readers’ knowledge about Ukrainian publishing brands and analysis of the publisher’s labels recognizable by readers-customers. The aim of the research is to show the role of communication in the process of publishing brand creation. In the article the main barriers of reading have been found out. The author thinks that among them we have the information and the confidence to publishers from readers-customers. As the result of our research made at the biggest book fairs of the country such as Kyiv Book Arsenal and Lviv Book Forum, the most well-known Ukrainian publishing brands have been marked according to the Ukrainians readers. The study has shown two leaders of Ukrainian book market: Publishing house “A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA” from Kyiv and “STARY LEV PUBLISHING HOUSE” from Lviv. The results and conclusions are in the fact that the publishing brand, even if it doesn’t play the main role for customers buying books, has the information about itself making positive image for the publishing house and its reputation.

Keywords: brand, publishing house, PR communications, image, reputation.

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