Research of the hierarchy of external factors of the marketing activity management process

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Sosnovska O. O., Khamula O. H. № 2 (61) 131-140 Image Image

The article presents the most complete set of generalized factors of external inf­luence on the marketing management process. The initial formalized representation of the relations between the factors of the marketing management process has been carried out. The necessity of using the hierarchy model to establish links between the factors of the marketing management process has been substantiated. It has been determined that factors should be predicted, anticipated and, if possible, taken into account or influenced. The analysis of these factors allows making decisions that provide advancement to the planned purpose and its achievement. An expert survey was conducted by leading experts at “Svichado” Publishing House LLC, which made it possible to identify and evaluate the factors of external influence on the marketing management process. Based on these opinions, the authors have developed a model of a hierarchy of major factors of external influence, which, in addition to ordering the importance of influencing the marketing ma­nagement process, has allowed further division into subordinate components to iden­tify the degree of weakening or strengthening of the causative factor. As a result, a model that determines the level of influence of selected external factors on the marketing management process is synthesized. It has been researched that the biggest influence on the marketing management process is exerted by the state through the state policy in the field of national book publishing and book distribution. The least external influence on the marketing management process is the administrative and legal regulation of suppliers. It is proved that if each of the factors is estimated by a number or assigned a weighting factor of priority for the marketing management process, then the importance of the factors matches to the number of hierarchy level. At the same time, the priority of influence of a factor on the marketing management process is a relative value and can be modified depending on the expert evaluation of its effect on the process under study.

Keywords: external factors influence, marketing activities, management process, binary matrix, the model of hierarchy.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2020-2-61-131-140

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