Technological audit as an effective tool for activation of the enterprise innovative development

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The article presents the justification and development of practical recommendations for the use of technological audit as an effective tool for the enterprise innovative development and an important component of the technology transfer.

The successful implementation of innovative projects largely depends on their expert advisory and analytical support. Therefore, there is a need to apply a new tool of the technology comprehensive assessment in accordance with the determined enterprise strategy with the help of a technological audit. Technological audit comprehensively performs the functions of assessment, analysis and control of technological changes at the enterprise. Conducting a technological audit involves establishing the goal, tasks, and determining the objects and subjects of the study.

The organization of planning and conducting a technological audit is a set of mandatory, logical and organizationally interconnected stages of activity, for each of which a necessary list of performed works is provided.

The main methods of a technical and technological audit include: technical and technological monitoring, SWOT analysis, the information gathering and compilation of databases through interviews, testing and questionnaires of internal and external consultants; diagnostics and testing of the production processes and technology; the documentation analysis; the comprehensive analysis of the technology and the production process management system; monitoring of the operating equipment. The duration and complexity of the technological audit procedures depends on the size of the enterprise and the level of tasks.

As a result of conducting a technological audit, weaknesses and bottlenecks in the production are revealed, technological risks are assessed and diagnostics of the enterprise technological health is carried out. At the same time, the enterprise receives a full description of the innovative potential and prospects of the innovative development, in the process of conducting a technological audit, there is often a selection of ideas for the production of new types of products or improving their quality, the identification of potentially competitive technologies and ways of their commercialization on the market.

Therefore, the main task of all interested parties is the development, use and implementation of the technology audit on a regular basis. In the future, this will allow to significantly increase the efficiency of the production potential use, to ensure the growth of the enterprise innovative activity.

Keywords: technological audit, innovative activity, management, development, en­terprise, system, resources, factors, efficiency, planning, analysis, assessment, risks, com­petition, market.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2022-1-64-120-126

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