Theoretical aspects of enterprise internal economic mechanism

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Bosak I. P. № 1 (52) 129-134 Image Image

In the article the essence of the internal economic mechanism of enterprise has been reviewed and researched, which is characterized by a system of appropriate methods and levers, a set of forms that act at the level of management and enable to provide external relationships, create conditions for business income, causing the efficiency of the entity functioning. It has been proved that the mechanism reflects the way of regulation of economic activities, tools of coordination and cooperation of departments and operation mechanism, depending on the economic model of the state and environmental conditions. The main mechanism levers have been defined ensuring its effective functioning and entrepreneurial success. The structure of internal economic mechanism and its justification as an integrated system built of interlocking elements for achieving the goals and effective performance of the entity have been reviewed.

Keywords: internal economic mechanism, efficiency, enterprise, system.

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