Two parameter synthesis of tone transfer in flexographic printing system for round raster elements

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Lutskiv M. M., Сідікі О. С. № 2 (61) 57-67 Image Image

An analytical method of two-parameter synthesis of tone transfer in a flexographic printing system of the fifth dimension for round raster elements is developed, the pa­rameters of the corrective link are determined. The synthesis simulator is constructed, the results of simulation modelling are presented. The results of simulation modelling of two - parameter synthesis of tone transfer are presented in the form of characteristics of adjusted tone transfer and deviation from linear for systems of different dimensions.

The actual problem of two-parameter synthesis of tone transfer in flexographic prin­ting system for round raster elements is solved with the help of mathematical modelling and information technology of its implementation.

The results of simulation are presented in the form of gradation characteristics of two-parameter tone transfer, which are nonlinear S-shaped curve, and the maximum de­viation from linearity is -9.25 and +16.5%, which does not meet the regulatory re­quirements for the synthesis of quality books and journals.

Keywords: flexography, system, synthesis, tone transfer, correction, non-linearity, raster elements, modelling, accuracy.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2020-2-61-57-67

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