Use of refined models in calculation problems of SSS plates with rigid base and areas of refinements

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Hurtovyi O. H., Tynchuk S. O., Uhryn L. S. № 1 (54) 52-59 Image Image

The stress-strain state (SSS) of plates and coatings with rigid base using refined models of unflexural SSS has been researched. The designed diagram of a transversely loaded plate is formed by supplementing it with a symmetric one about the contact surface of the base. The plate obtained with the symmetrical structure of layers and double-thickness becomes loaded bilaterally symmetrically about its median surface. Therefore, the SSS of a plate is unflexural. The calculations confirm the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method of modeling unflexural SSS, which allows one to obtain the solutions qualitatively and quantitatively close to three-dimensional ones.

Keywords: a refined model, rigid base, transverse shear, transverse compression.

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