The goal and scope of the journal activity

The goal of the journal  is to highlight the current theoretical and practical aspects of the development of modern information systems and technologies, computer science, automation, industrial engineering, applied mechanics, publishing and printing, economic development in the publishing and printing industry and related industries.


Publication of scientific research papers concerning the advanced trends of fundamental sciences, applied developments, implementation of innovative projects. The exchange of scientific ideas, research methodology and practical achievements.

The journal of scientific papers "Scientific Papers" publishes the finished, original researches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists that have not been published earlier, as well as the proceedings of scientific conferences.

The pages of the journal of scientific papers "Scientific Papers" contain the information on special scientific and technical conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, summaries, reviews and opinions on new study guides, textbooks and monographs, regulations, abstracts of scientific papers, as well as the information on important scientific events.

Main Scientific Directions of the Journal:


Innovative technologies for the production of packaging and printing products

  • Technical and technological innovations in printing engineering and equipment operation;

  • Information technologies and systems in the publishing and printing industry;

  • Information technologies for the development and predictive assessment of the quality of books and electronic publications;

  • Information technologies for the development of service-oriented systems of online publishing houses;

  • Production control systems (Workflows) ;

  • Modern systems of protection of publishing, printing and packaging products from forgery;

  • Special technologies for reproduction of information for people with visual impairment;

  • Electronic multimedia editions and latest media;

  • Modelling processes of text and graphic information perception;

  • System analysis and modelling of printing and packaging production processes;

  • Logistics of publishing and printing industries (logistics) ;

  • Metrology and standardization of printing and packaging processes.

Premedia Technologies and Processes

  • Modelling, design, three-dimensional virtual visualization of objects and products of publishing and printing;

  • Technologies for processing and transferring of text and graphic information;

  • Colour management;

  • Media photography.

Printing Technology and Related Processes

  • Print media technologies;

  • Conventional and special printing techniques;

  • Industrial printing;

  • Digital printing;

  • 3D printing;

  • Eco printing;

  • Latest materials for publishing and printing industries.

Problems of printing engineering, applied mechanics

• Improvement of equipment and technological processes in printing (packaging) production. Development of technical devices.

• Application of effective mechanisms for realization of the developed processes in the printing (packaging) production.

• Research of kinematic and energy-power parameters of technological mechanisms.

• Research of the stability of technological tools.

• Improvement of technological processes of materials hardening for the production of technological tools.


• Research of the problems of managing the economic security of socio-economic systems of different functioning levels (national level, regional, local level, enterprise level).

• Modelling and design of management systems ofentities under uncertain conditions.

• Formation of systems of marketing, financial, logistical and information support of management of business entities in the national and international market environment.

• Improvement of the theory and methodology of corporate management of modern enterprises and their associations.

• Improvement of models and methods of managing the national economy and its subsystems (monetary system, market infrastructure, etc.).

• Diagnosis and assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational and economic mechanisms of the national economy functioning.

• Research of the problems of managing the resource supply of the economy at national and regional levels.