Governing bodies

Founder and governing body:  Ukrainian Academy of Printing  Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ukrainian Academy of Printing is the only autonomous educational institution that trains specialists in media technologies and printing. In the course of its long history, it has trained thousands of highly qualified specialists, who nowadays form the information space of our country. They work in publishing and printing houses, mass media, printing plants, bookstores, advertising agencies, machine-building plants, research institutes.

The Academy was founded in 1930 in Kharkiv due to the merger of Faculties of printing of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa Art Institutes. In 1945 the institution was transferred to Lviv.

The students study for Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree in 20 specialities for the whole printing and publishing industry and allied branches of industry.

Over 200 professors, doctors of sciences, assistant professors and PhD professors carry out fruitful research work.

Journal foundation year : 1939

International centre registration ISSN : 1998-6912

Certificate of state registration:  As a printed mass media, the journal is registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Серія КВ № 24201-14041ПР від 22.10.2019 р.)