Indexing of the journal

The editorial board of the journal of scientific papers conducts continuous work connected with including the journal of scientific papers into international electronic libraries, catalogues and scientometric databases for entering the world scientific information and communicative space, as well as increasing the rating of the journal and citation indexes of our authors.

Since 2008, all electronic versions of the journal “ Scientific Papers  ( Ukrainian Academy of Printing )” have been deposited in the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I.Vernadsky, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and they are presented on the portal in the information resource  “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” .

Since 2008, the journal has been included in the national abstract database “Ukrainika Scientific” , the purpose of which is: the formation of national abstract resources; the preparation of branch series of the Ukrainian abstract journal “Dzherelo” for printing; providing free access to the information on the results of scientific activities of domestic scientists and specialists; the activation of Ukraine's entry into the international system of scientific electronic communications and  the Ukrainian abstract journal “Dzherelo” – a periodical publication publishing abstracts of scientific papers and other secondary materials (bibliographic descriptions, summaries) connected with the reference and search engines, including content, rubrication (classification scheme) of the publication and auxiliary indexes.

Since 2014, the journal has been indexed by  Index Copernicus (IC) (Poland)  (an on-line scientometric database with user-supplied information, including research institutions, printed publications and projects, created in Poland in 1999. The database has several tools for performance evaluation, which allows monitoring the impact of scientific papers and publications, individual scientists or research institutions. In addition to performance, Index Copernicus also offers traditional referencing and indexing of scientific publications. The database is run by Index Copernicus International).

Since 2014, the journal has been indexed by  Google Scholar . The Google Scholar search engine is supported by Google. This is a non-profit search bibliometric system that indexes scientific publications and presents the data about their citation. Google Scholar index includes most of the peer-reviewed online journals of the largest scientific publishing houses in Europe and the USA.