Analysis of printing implementation of magazine periodicals for children

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Dubnevych M. M. № 1 (56) 82-92 Image Image

The analysis of the nomenclature of child’s magazine periodicals, presented at the modern Ukrainian media market has been conducted. On the basis of normative documentation that regulates the design and printing implementation of the indicated category of editions, the main indexes of quality have been systematized. The selection of child’s magazine editions, that embraces the readers’ audience of all four age-related groups, has been carried out. In the chosen editions, the evaluation of quality has been conducted according to the range of indexes. In particular, the plenitude of presentation of the initial information has been analysed in according to the requirements of DSTU 4861: 2007. “Information and Documentation. Edition. Initial Information”, and as a re­sult, a number of violations of the indicated requirements have been revealed, in par­ti­cular the incorrect formulation of reader’s address.

The evaluation of typeface design quality of child’s magazine editions according to a range of indexes (size, amount of headsets in edition, interlinear, column line length, font capacity) has also confirmed the presence of a great number of discrepancies.

The analysis of formats of the studied editions has shown that majority of them has been designed according to a non-standard format, which is possible for this category of editions, however the requirements in relation to maximum possible line length have not been followed. The evaluation of another important index of optical density of the printed background under the text has been conducted, as this design means is often met in the design of child’s magazine editions. The results of researches have shown that in over one third of the analysed editions this index of quality does not correspond to the set maximum legitimate value.

The comparison of design drawbacks of different categories of child’s editions (educational, magazine and book) has been carried out.

Keywords: industry standard, state standard, child’s magazine edition, output data, reader’s address, typeface design, printing implementation, sanitary norms, interlinear, size, capacity of font, column line length, optical density.

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