Issue number 1 (56) / 2018


Kandiak N. M.
Palamar O. O.
Ternytskyi S. V.
Vlakh V. V.
Combined drive mechanism of a press plate used in flat die-cutting press (experimental evaluation of loads) Read more
Bilan V. P.
Huk I. B.
Verkhola M. I.
Modeling and computer determination of the initial phase optimum value for oscillating cylinders axial motion Read more
Beshlei H. V.
Beshlei M. I.
Pryslupskyi A. M.
Romanchuk V. I.
Method of decomposition of network device structure with virtualization of resources Read more
Hurtovyi O. H.
Tynchuk S. O.
Uhryn L. S.
Deformation of multilayered plates on a rigid foundation under local loading Read more
Holyk Yu. M.
Kukura V. V.
Kukura Yu. A.
Research of effects of additives in flexographic printing inks on their properties in imprints Read more
Manko O. V.
Palamar O. O.
Stetsko A. Ye.
Manifestation of the structural adaptability effect during the tribological research of coating obtained by the method of complex strengthening treatment Read more
Bernatsek V. V.
Hlova A. P.
Kam’yanska-Hasiuk L. I.
Rybka R. V.
Ryvak P. M.
Shablii I. V.
Influence of paper structure on the amount of loss of information capacity of offset imprints Read more
Dubnevych M. M. Analysis of printing implementation of magazine periodicals for children Read more
Horechko O. M. Approximate approach to the problems of complex heat exchange simulating Read more
Kavyn Ya. M. Modeling of laser heating of an object on the basis of optimization of grid construction with geometric object splitting Read more
Kulchytskyi A. D.
Pirko I. B.
Salapak V. M.
Semotiuk O. V.
Photoinduced anisotropy in absorption band of M+A -color center for SrCl2-K crystal Read more
Kandiak N. M.
Topolnytskyi P. V.
Vatuliak Yu. V.
Results of studies of multi-blade cutting device using cad tools Read more


Shvaika L. A.
Zhydetska Kh. V.
Problems of ensuring sustainable development of the national economy Read more
Tsebenko N. M. The role of international financial organizations in modernization of industrial infrastructure of Ukrainian economy Read more
Kharechko V. M. Culture, values, and economic development: analysis of some concepts Read more
Bosak I. P. Trends of development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine Read more
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Lenevych M. M.
Analytical study of the essence and content of management as the basis of its scientific and practical application Read more
Shtanhret A. M.
Sylkin O. S.
Anti-crisis management of financial security of machine-building enterprises: methodological basis Read more
Duliaba N. I.
Honchar M. F.
Kohut U. I.
Features of providing international competitiveness of the enterprise in stress conditions Read more
Bozhenko O. M. Management of formation and development of technical-technological potential of printing enterprises Read more
Kobryn L. Y. Theoretical-methodical approaches to management of business activity of the enterprise Read more
Fostiak V. I. Methodical foundations for the formation of management system of safety activities at the enterprises Read more
Yeremenko A. O. Corporate governance strategy as a basis for increasing competitiveness of enterprises of publishing and printing activity Read more