Analysis of the problem of comprehensive evaluation of school textbooks

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Selmenska Z. M., Zanko N. V., Maik L. Ya. № 1 (62) 52-62 Image Image

Educational publications for primary school children have particularly high requirements for content, text filling, compliance with the requirements of educational programs, design requirements for their arrangement and quality of their technical production in the publishing industry. Qualitative implementation of textbooks for primary school is especially relevant in the context of the reform of the new Ukrainian school and the process of Ukraine’s entry into the European educational space. The expert analysis of already published textbooks in many cases reveals significant violations and errors of various kinds, which affects both the quality of knowledge and learning material by students, and the deterioration of the hygiene of visual perception. When working on manuscripts of educational publications, there is no comprehensive system in accordance with the ISO quality control system, starting from the author’s work on the manuscript and ending with the printing of the educational publication. Therefore, in this paper the problems of creating a school textbook in the context of compliance with the general technical requirements for educational publications are considered, taking into account the classification of educational publications depending on the age category of the reader, the nature of information, academic disciplines. High-quality production of educational publications for primary school age can provide systematic interaction of authors, editors, designers, specialists in technical prepress processing of digital text and illustration originals and specialists of printing companies. The performed analysis of printing implementation of printed textbooks published in Ukraine took into account the compliance with the requirements of existing standards and technical conditions of manufacture; the main criteria (indicators) of quality of publishing design and printing implementation are singled out. The analysis showed that the evalua­ting system of the quality of school textbooks for junior classes is far from being solved. In particular, there are problems with the evaluation criteria, both the content of textbooks, their design and printing, the solution of which are addressed in this article.

Keywords: children’s editions, constructive implementation and finishing, normative documents, printing arrangement, standards, Ukrainian book market.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2021-1-62-52-62

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