Issue number 1 (62) / 2021


Maik V. Z.
Khariv M. S.
Bazyliuk K. F.
Modelling of ink capacity of screen printing plates Read more
Senkivskyi V. M.
Юхимчук Р. В.
Kalynii I. V.
Methodological principles of designing online publishing houses Read more
Баранова Д. І.
Skyba V. M.
Rozum T. V.
Development of information model of technological operation of augmented reality objects testing Read more
Yasinska-Damri L. M. Method of the proximity degree of complex objects evaluation on the basis of the modified index of mutual information maximization Read more
Selmenska Z. M.
Zanko N. V.
Maik L. Ya.
Analysis of the problem of comprehensive evaluation of school textbooks Read more
Сокол О. Ф. Formation of the complex characteristic of the image of text fonts for the purpose of optimization of font design process of book editions Read more
Ryvak P. M.
Rybka R. V.
Oгіркo M. О.
Normalization of the printed products production process by digital methods Read more
Криховець О. В.
Slobodianyk V. H.
Шибанова А. М.
Research of rheological properties of newspaper black inks for offset printing method Read more
Kulchytska Kh. B. Solving the problem of equipment distribution using the method of recurrent relations Read more
Knysh O. B. Justification of the method of book block spine processing by a cylindrical tool with a screw cutting edge Read more
Четербух О. Ю. Calculation of the work resource of the drive mechanism of a pressure plate in a die-cutting flat press Read more
Havrysh B. M.
Durniak B. V.
Tymchenko O. V.
Ізонін І. В.
Strategy for formation of visualized content by Power BI Desktop Read more
Огірко М. О.
Havenko S. F.
Лабецька М. Т.
Чубак Є.
Simulation of stress-strain state of corrugated cardboard in flexographic printing and its influence on imprints quality Read more


Bezpalko I. R.
Bazyliuk V. B.
Stock exchange activities on the stock market of Ukraine: problems and development prospects Read more
Yaremyk Kh. Ya.
Yaremyk M. I.
Formation of the mechanism for managing the financial stability of the publishing and printing enterprise Read more
Palyha Ye. M.
Stetsiv L. P.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Development of the ukrainian-language mass media sphere by means of printed book products: analysis and statistical evaluation Read more
Bosak I. P.
Homolska V. V.
Organizational and economic mechanism for ensuring the company entrepreneurial success Read more
Hirniak O. M. Paradigm of management and marketing aspects in modern entrepreneurship of publishing and printing industry Read more
Zachepa A. M.
Mykytiuk O. M.
Selmenska Z. M.
Problems of emotional burnout in the educational environment Read more