Application of LUT-technology in color correction of digital images

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Бобарчук О. А., Денисенко С. М. № 2 (67) 21-31 Image Image

The specifics of LUT technology and the features of its application in modern image processing technologies are considered. It is determined that this is a popular tool that is actively used for color correction of images and videos in various fields of activity. The essence of this technology is clarified and it is determined that LUT in its structure is a color lookup table containing color data and is used to accelerate color correction and give the desired look to a particular image. The scope of application of LUT technology is considered. LUT technologies are currently an extremely popular tool for color correction. LUTs are especially popular in film, television, and post-production. LUTs have also become indispensable in digital image processing. Preparing images for printing using this technology has become much easier and faster. In addition, LUT has found its application in other areas: satellite image processing, aeronautical and geographic information systems, cartography, medical technologies, and image correction capabilities provided by LUTs. Different types of LUTs are presented and their features are described. Today, there are various forms and formats of LUTs. They can be divided into two large groups: those that work directly with color in image processing and those that work indirectly. Only two types of LUTs are used to process different transformations, using two different transformation options: 1D and 3D. The advantages and disadvantages of using LUTs are determined. The process of using LUTs in image color correction is considered and the features of creating your own LUT are described.

Keywords: color, color correction, color map, digital image processing, color lookup table, LUT technologies.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2023-2-67-21-31

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