Issue number 2 (67) / 2023


Джуринський Є. А.
Maik V. Z.
Tokenization of vector graphics in the context of tactile graphics synthesis Read more
Бобарчук О. А.
Денисенко С. М.
Application of LUT-technology in color correction of digital images Read more
Maik L. Ya.
Ткач О. М.
Kovalskyi B. M.
Holubnyk T. S.
Organization of the Automation Engine Pilot workflow of the Esko company for the labels packaging products pre-print preparation Read more
Потрашкова Л. В.
Гмирак М. Д.
Decision tree for selecting software for creating augmented reality Read more
Kovalskyi B. M.
Holubnyk T. S.
Dubnevych M. M.
Selmenska Z. M.
Research of quality in media planning of advertising appeal Read more
Батюк А. Є.
Кулик Ю. Р.
Development of virtual reality technology and its application for student education Read more
Zatserkovna R. S.
Зацерковний Р. Г.
Костирко В. С.
Analysis of geospatial API for the logistics transportation organization Read more
Гиз П. В.
Ткачук Р. Л.
Web development of a service center platform for working with clients Read more
Hrabovskyi Ye. M.
Коц П. Г.
Methods of development of mobile application graphic design for remote interaction with patients Read more
Кузик Н. А.
Ткачук Р. Л.
Research and optimization of the multiservice corporate network Read more
Гапій С. І.
Ткачук Р. Л.
Research and design of an automated multifunctional system for the smart house technology Read more
Liakh I. M. Application of gene ontology analysis for the formation of a subset of significant genes Read more
Sabat V. I.
Мацюк В. В.
Durniak B. V.
Use of advertising in forming an image of a modern company Read more
Selmenska Z. M.
Плахтина З. І.
Semantic network of quality factors of the book publishing process Read more
Гавенко М. М.
Лабецька М. Т.
Конюхов А. Д.
Application of smart technologies for social integration of people with visual impairments Read more
Tupychak L. L.
Шепіта Ю. В.
СивакA. М.
Analysis of approaches to the problems of involving people with disabilities in education Read more
Khamula O. H.
Тарасов Н. А.
Optimizing 3D printing parameters and additive manufacturing techniques for braille production: a comparative analysis Read more
Чубак Є.
Havenko S. F.
Uhryn Ya. M.
Methods of designing packaging production by gravure printing Read more
Котмальова О. Г.
Kulik L. Y.
Лабецька М. Т.
Ryvak P. M.
Study of marking quality of pharmaceutical packaging by digital printing Read more
Martyniuk M. S. Study of ecological and resource efficiency of label production Read more
Koniukhova I. I.
Koniukhov O. D.
Research of factors influencing the process of manufacturing paper bags and their quality assessment Read more
Repeta V. B.
Гаврилишин О. Б.
Криховець О. В.
Zhydetskyi V. Ts.
Determination of the optimal cardboard parameter as a factor of packaging production waste minimization Read more
Rehei I. I.
Vlakh V. V.
Михайлів Ю. Ю.
Mlynko O. I.
Application of a two-section pressure plate in a die-cutting automatic press: prospects of replacing the monoblock design Read more
Ivanko A. I.
Зенкін М. А.
Пасічник В. П.
Modelling of the technological process of removing cardboard scraps in the die-cutting section Read more


Kobryn L. Y. Factors for formation and development of the company innovative potential Read more