Book’s publishing promotion ways: the experience of independent Ukraine

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Hrynivskyi T. S., Kopystynska I. M. № 1 (50) 247-256 Image Image

The article investigates the usage of means of books’ promotion by Ukrainian publishers from the beginning of Independence till nowadays. The evolution of means of promotion has been described. The analysis of condition and perspectives in the field of book’s promotion has been made, its pros and cons have been examined and the tendencies of their development have been determined. They stated, that within the first decade of independence the books’ promotion, in fact, has been neglected by Ukrainian publishers. It was mostly printed mass media used to promote the books. Nowadays we notify a step-by-step intensification in the field. Different sources and methods of promotion are developing and implementing into our information space. Among the traditional the most popular are the mass media usage, presentations, participation in books’ exhibitions and festivals. Among the newest actively developing are the sources of internet communications, book trailers, channels on YouTube.

Keywords: promotion, book, Ukrainian publishers.

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