Issue number 1 (50) / 2015


Holubnyk T. S.
Lytovchenko O. V.
Petriv Yu. I.
Pikh I. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Algorithm of the quality evaluation simulation model of descent insallations Read more
Khamula O. H.
Yatsiv M. R.
The Visual Function Screening Diagnostics information system Read more
Petiak Yu. F. Method of an expert survey to identify the information security factors for mobile devices Read more
Kazmirovych O. R.
Kazmirovych R. V.
Estimation and improvement of the safety of photoelectrical protective devices of one-knife paper cutting machines Read more
Lohoida M. M. The accuracy of the area reproduction of square dots in the discrete formation Read more
Bazyliuk K. F.
Korotka V. O.
Zatserkovna R. S.
Optimization of the process parameters for screen printing on the oxybiodegradable films Read more
Blahodir O. L. Analysis of the anilox roller surface configuration in short inking systems Read more
Havenko S. F.
Koniukhov O. D.
Features of eco-labeling systems Read more
Marshalok I. Y.
Shybanov V. V.
Thermometric studies of the photopolymerizable materials photosensitivity Read more
Datsii O. I.
Shakhbazov Ya. O.
Shyrokov O. V.
Shyrokov V. V.
The copper and lead fusions influence on physical mechanic properties of highdurable stainless steels Read more
Periv M. V. Z-scan research of silver nanocomposites Read more
Ohirko I. V.
Yasinska-Darmi L. M.
Yasinskyi M. F.
Hard and soft mathematical models and their applications Read more


Karaim M. M.
Shtanhret A. M.
Mechanism of economic security management of an engineering ent erprise based on weak signals Read more
Kholod Z. M.
Maliarchuk I. I.
Basic aspects of financial and tax accounting of low-value fixed material assets Read more
Kalynevych H. M. Basis of the financial control mechanism structure in the educational system Read more
Bazyliuk V. B. Estimation of the publishing and printing enterprises complex development in the region Read more
Fesh M. S.
Tsykvas Kh. R.
Zaporozhan L. P.
Peculiarities of the national character influence on the enterpr ise corporate culture forming Read more
Hnatiuk Ya. I.
Homolska V. V.
Actual issues of the information economy forming Read more
Kharechko V. M. On the paradigms of economic history Read more
Mazii N. H. Organizational economic mechanisms of business-environment forming in Ukraine Read more
Shyra T. B. Functional aspects of inventory management in commercial activities Read more
Struk N. R. Logistics costs in the aspect of system efficiency units Read more
Khalina O. V. Modelling of the financial security subsystem of an engineering enterprise Read more
Zhydetska Kh. V. On the formation of the system of indices to determine the level of the enterprise social and labor security Read more
Myklushka S. I. Investment processes features in the publishing and printing industry Read more


Harmatii O. V. Media education of civil servants as a trend of contemporaneity Read more
Humanenko O. O. A place of peer review in history of scientific press Read more
Zelinska N. V. Logic culture of a media product: «The phetoric question calling for the immediate answer Read more
Kapral I. I. Electronic media as a part of the literary process (after the example of the most popular modern ukrainian literary sites) Read more
Hrynivskyi T. S.
Kopystynska I. M.
Book’s publishing promotion ways: the experience of independent Ukraine Read more
Kulynych M. M. Enlighting of the political themes on the pages of the journal «Bulletin for Rusyns in Austrian state» Read more
Lozynskyi A.-L. R. Author, publisher, reader — the problem of cooperation in the digital epoch Read more
Mykhailovych O. P. Formation of foreign languages connotation in the advertising texts as an effective manipulative method Read more
Nosko A. M. The author editing at the stage of works preparing for republishing Read more
Oblasova O. I. The specific features of the PR-technologies in the public policy of the United States during the period of the «New course» Read more
Pohorelovska I. O. ISBN as a basic element of the modern book distribution system Read more
Stadnyk O. V. Bibliography as an important facility of the scientific researches by Myroslav Butryn Read more
Todorova O. V. Background of the innovative PR-tools formation Read more
Trishchuk O. V. Editor`swork under the picturesqueness of the scientific informational text Read more
Fihol N. M. Types of electronic educational publications Read more
Chekshturina V. M. Phenomenology of a runic sign as a communication means Read more
Chernysh N. I. The theoretical approaches to the classical literature publishing (modern considering of the editorial heritage of M. Bazhan) Read more