Coaxial cam-lever mechanism of periodic rotation

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Chekhman Ya. I., Shustykevych A. I. № 2 (57) 11-16 Image Image

The widespread use of cam-lever mechanisms is conditioned by the possibility of using an expedient law of motion of the driven section. But they have limited movement of the driven section. Its increase requires additional intermediate sections, which is accompanied by an increase in the dimensions of the mechanism. Other mechanisms of periodic rotation — Maltese, cam-toothed, etc., — have a fixed or a small rotation and contain an additional parallel shaft.

The advantages of the suggested mechanism are its compactness, the possibility of implementing an expedient law of periodic motion and providing the necessary ratio of moving periods and the position of the driven shaft. The mechanism can be used, for example, to feed the cardboard blank of the cutting press into the die-cutting area.

The article presents a method for calculating geometric and kinematic parameters of a coaxial cam-lever mechanism. According to the kinematic scheme, the mechanism of the work has been analyzed, specific design features have been noted, and the calculation method has been presented to achieve the given law of the periodic motion of the driven section. Having adopted the expedient relation of the motion and the position of the driven shaft, the specific task of calculating the mechanism is reduced to the definition of the radii-vectors of the equidistance of the cam profile. The article presents the graphs of movement and the speed of a driven shaft, as well as a graph of uniform speed of the driving shaft. In accordance with the principle of operation of the mechanism, the overall angle of rotation of the driven shaft is equal to the rotation angle of the driven shaft. Also a calculation scheme has been presented for determining the radii-vectors of the cam profile.

The work, the construction design and the principle of calculating the original cam-lever mechanism have been described, which have certain advantages over analogues and can be used for the transfer of semi-finished products in printing and packaging presses.

Keywords: fist, crank, lever, ratchet mechanism, friction stop.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2018-2-57-11-16

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