Issue number 2 (57) / 2018


Chekhman Ya. I.
Shustykevych A. I.
Coaxial cam-lever mechanism of periodic rotation Read more
Kavyn Ya. M.
Manko O. V.
The influence of the surface plastic deformation (rolling finishing) on the roughness of the chrome steel surface, which has an external composite zone Read more
Shybanov S. V.
Shybanov V. V.
Slobodianyk V. H.
Peroxide-containing photoinitiators of radical polymerization Read more
Kalynii I. V.
Lytovchenko O. V.
Pikh I. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
A semantic network and a model of factors of book printing process Read more
Holubnyk T. S.
Kovalskyi B. M.
Maik L. Ya.
Research of gradation parameters of digital flexographic printing plates for manufacturing label and packaging products Read more
Kozak R. O.
Osinchuk O. I.
Yavorska N. I.
Yavorskyi A. V.
Protection methods and approaches against RFID-attacks in automated registration systems of book products Read more
Polishchuk M. B.
Sliusarchuk O. Z.
Sliusarchuk Yu. M.
Cognitive models of knowledge problem tasks in formation of educational process Read more
Kovalyshyn O. S. Neuro fuzzy genetic algorithm of optimization of rehabilitation procedures Read more
Mykhailiuk S. M.
Rak T. Ye.
Risks and indicators of extraordinary technological situations of modern society Read more


Homolska V. V. Special economic zones: foreign experience of formation and functioning Read more
Shyra T. B. Providing the enterprise corporate security: theoretical aspects Read more
Diuk O. M. The place of corporate culture in the process of selecting the effective management technologies at the domestic enterprises Read more
Struk N. R. Integration of logistic functions іn the system of the enterprise management Read more
Kobryn L. Y. Using of monitoring system in formation of innovation policy of an enterprise Read more
Kalitovska V. O.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Prokopiuk M. D.
Economic efficiency of complex preparation of journal production Read more
Batyn V. P.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Economic justification of options for technical preparation of newspaper production Read more
Karnaukh A. S. Peculiarities of application of marketing tools in sports communications Read more
Busaryev D. V. Economic security of fuel and energy complex: theoretical bases of ensuring Read more