Combined drive mechanism of a press plate used in flat die-cutting press (experimental evaluation of loads)

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Kandiak N. M., Palamar O. O., Ternytskyi S. V., Vlakh V. V. № 1 (56) 11-19 Image Image

In the article, the research of loads (torques) has been carried out that arise on the mechanism drive shaft of the press plate in a flat die-cutting press during process of cardboard consumer packing cutting. It allows making possible to obtain reliable and systematic values of torque, depending on the thickness, type and direction of fibers disposition in cardboard.

There has been developed and designed an experimental test device of the combined mechanism of the press plate with possibility of changing and controlling the speed of the drive shaft. In the developed experimental device, the implementation of a scheme of a flat die-cutting press with a lower movable press plate has been realized. The drive of the press plate is provided by a combined mechanism.

The strain gauge method of torque research has been applied, which made possible obtaining of its reliable data. It has been revealed that the thickness of the cardboard does not affect the nature of the change curve, it only effects the maximum values of torque. For each thickness of the cardboard there is a certain value of torque. In the article, the influence of the cardboard thickness on the value of the torque on the drive shaft of the mechanism has been analyzed including the influence of direction of fibers disposition of cardboard concerning the cutting line. It has been established that with doubled increasing of cardboard thickness, the magnitude of the torque increases by 2.1 times during cutting along the fibers and by 1.65 times - across the fibers.

It has been confirmed that the combined drive mechanism of the press plate ensures the parallelism of the plates during the working cycle, which ensures the stability of the machine working process and leads to the increasing of the product quality.

Keywords: packaging, experimental press, die-cutting, ejector pillows, crank-crosshead mechanism, cardboard, torque, load.

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