Estimation and improvement of the safety of photoelectrical protective devices of one-knife paper cutting machines

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Kazmirovych O. R., Kazmirovych R. V. № 1 (50) 35-41 Image Image

The theoretical and practical methods of the safety improvement exploitation of one-knife paper-cutting machines by their multi-ray photoelectrical protective devices (PPD) with embedded systems of periodical control for perfect functioning have been described. The empirical diagrams of intervals between the control cycles have been presented, the analysis of which demonstrates its typicality for the exponential law. The model of a reliable protective device in the form of graph transition reflecting the Markov processes has been offered. The theoretical analysis of the PPD reliability has been conducted, the result of which being the calculation figures for the estimation of the PPD reliability in a real control system.

The principle electrical scheme of multi-ray PPD with periodical control has been proposed, being simple in making and exploitation.

Keywords: one-knife paper-cutting machines, photoelectrical protective devices, reliability, periodical control.

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