Formation of information base to assess the level of the compan y financial security

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Mandzinovska Kh. O. № 2 (51) 188-195 Image Image

Branding has been considered as one of the main methods of non-price competition providing of publishing enterprises. The basic theoretical and methodological problems of the publishing brand formation and its instruments, used by modern Ukrainian publishing houses for advancement of their own brands, have been distinguished in the article. The author, having analyzed the status and problems of the publishing market of Ukraine, has highlighted the basic premises and necessity of the branding technologies use in such specific industry in Ukraine as publishing.An attempt to improve the basic functions of publishing brand has been made.The author shows a number of features that will influence the formation and effective management of a publishing brand.

Keywords: publishing house, branding, branding instruments, content marketing, corporate website, booktrailer, social media marketing.

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