Issue number 2 (51) / 2015


Holubnyk T. S.
Kalynii I. V.
Pikh I. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
The structural functional model of the information technology prediction of the descent installations design and realization quality Read more
Kazmirovych O. R.
Kazmirovych R. V.
Training laboratory complex of the arranged hierarchical automatic operating system (AOS) of printing processes Read more
Khamula O. H.
Vasiuta S. P.
Yatsiv M. R.
Mathematical model structure of hierarchical standards influencing the design quality of electronic editions for children with paropsis Read more
Hileta I. V. Architectural aspects of the quality analysis of electronic publications Read more
Pylyp’yuk V. V.
Tsimer O. B.
Key points identification in the HDR-images Read more
Havrysh B. M.
Yushchyk O. V.
The modern condition of the methods and facilities of prepress controling Read more
Lohoida M. M.
Lutskiv M. M.
Synthesis of the discrete raster conversion for irregular frames square elements Read more
Repeta V. B.
Ryvak P. M.
Senkivskyi V. M.
The quality assessment of reprints by means of fuzzy logic Read more
Petryk P. B. Technological features of drying in web offset aroma printing Read more
Bazyliuk K. F.
Maik V. Z.
Vakulich D. A.
Influence of printing foils on the effectiveness of the Braille tactile perception in its applying by Congreve stamping Read more
Kyrychok T. Yu. The solution of the multicriterial problem of the rational direction choice for the Ukrainian hryvnia banknote durability Read more
Blahodir O. L.
Rozum T. V.
Sokol O. P.
Systematization of the labeling and packaging production techno logies in Ukraine Read more
Korotka V. O.
Zatserkovna R. S.
Research of the microgeometrical parameters surface of the oxy-biodegradable films Read more
Pavlova Yu. O.
Zikrach D. Yu.
Mathematical models in the youth motor activity analysis Read more
Hurtovyi O. H.
Uhryn L. S.
Zhuk D. V.
Peculiarities of refined solution of a beam stress state with a longitudinal crack Read more


Bazyliuk V. B.
Palyha Ye. M.
The priorities in forming of the infrastructure institutes of the regional publishing and printing cluster development Read more
Shtanhret A. M. The process of implementation of accounting and analytical maintenance of the company economic security Read more
Nikonenko U. M. The role of Middle East countries in world oil prices formation Read more
Bezpalko I. R. Increasing responbility for violation of labor law as a guarantee of the legalization wages in Ukraine Read more
Fesh M. S.
Zaporozhan L. P.
Strends in development of publishing and printing in Ukraine Read more
Karaim M. M. Diagnostics of the engineering company economic security Read more
Khalina O. V. Methodological principles to assess organizational support management of engineering company’s economic security Read more
Khamula O. O. Tasks and problems of e-commerce development as the sphere of book products sales in Ukraine Read more
Mandzinovska Kh. O. Formation of information base to assess the level of the compan y financial security Read more
Koroliuk N. Ya. Features of the publishing brand formation and promotion Read more
Krystyniak M. B. The evaluation of the effectiveness of small industrial enterprises in Ukraine Read more
Obertan D. V. Problems of methodological management principles forming of the economic security of the enterprising structures Read more


Bessarab A. O. Social and communicational «PocketBook» events for the popularization of book reading in Ukraine Read more
Bilohrats Kh. R. Features of architectonics of modern students printed periodicals Read more
Voronka H. V. Hypertext as an element of multimedia reference book Read more
Hershun H. O. Language game as feature of postmodernism in journalist`s text Read more
Hrubych K. V. Show programs communication TV technologies Read more
Dmytriv L. Y. Text content of the e-learning editions Read more
Zadvorna K. V. Political communication through the prism of Brian McNair’s views Read more
Kyrylova O. V. Current trends of the Indian media system Read more
Levytska O. S. Translations of the works by Ch. Dickens in the Ukrainian publishing repertoire Read more
Lystvak H. B. Studies of reading in Ukraine: results and significance Read more
Perepelytsia A. O. Aesthetica ideals of Pavlo Tychyna’s editorial work Read more
Savchuk H. M. Publishing activities of the Ukrainian diaspora in the USA and Canada before the 1st world war Read more
Svintsitska O. I. Image of the person with the special needs in representations o f Zhytomyr informational news portals: the world view-valuable and aesthetic modeling Read more
Stadnytska Yu. V. The activation tools of cognitive mental processes of child-reader (based on the children non-fiction in the 20–30’s of XX century) Read more
Chekshturina V. M. Socio-communicative approach to decoding of the archaic signs-s ymbols sacral content Read more
Shevchenko V. E. The role of the magazine visual style for identification of edition Read more