Formation of the complex characteristic of the image of text fonts for the purpose of optimization of font design process of book editions

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Сокол О. Ф. № 1 (62) 63-70 Image Image

The article considers the issues of analysis and classification of text fonts in accordance with the characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing the font design of book editions. The characteristics of the font design are determined, which have a decisive influence on the aesthetics of design, ease of perception of textual information and cost-effectiveness of book editions. The criteria are defined for choosing fonts for the formation of a library of computer fonts on the basis of the shape of the elements of letter characters, the proportions of the figure, the saturation of the basic graphic modification.

The issue of forming a set of graphic modifications of the typeface to ensure the font design of solid texts with accented and unaccented font selections for the rational formation of a library of text computer fonts is considered. Possible variants of the font set by the font manufacturers and the system of notation of graphic variations of the font pattern in the font name on the basis of saturation and fullness of the font plane are analyzed.

The question of the choice of fonts taking into account the texture and shade of the printed material is considered. The principle of formation of various sets of graphic modifications of the typeface from the given assortment is offered, that provides grouping of several pairs of graphic modifications of drawing of a font for maintenance of font design of continuous texts with font selections on a sign of saturation. The list of features of drawing of text fonts which are subject to the analysis in the course of a choice of font design of book editions and are criteria of formation of library of text fonts is defined.

The analysis of ways of completing the headsets with graphic modifications and their systematization is performed. Variants of the choice of pairs of graphic variations of the font pattern for the font design of the main continuous and selected text are offered.

Keywords: font design of publications, font image, graphic modifications of font image, font libraries.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2021-1-62-63-70

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