Identificattion of characteristics of standard conditions in color separation using program «ICaS–ColorInks Gamut»

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Kovalskyi B. M., Semeniv M. R., Semeniv V. V., Shovheniuk M. V. № 1 (52) 51-61 Image Image

The characteristic data of multi-ink imprints have been researched according to the new edition of the International and American standards through the use of a developed computer program «ICaS-ColorInks Gamut». Values of the nonlinearity parameter of prints have been determined, obtained by various standardized printing conditions. Then gamut boundaries of imprint on different types of standardized paper have been compared. The maximum values of parameter TAC (total area coverage) for of standardized printing conditions have been calculated and the results have been compared with recommendations. The conclusions and practical recommendations have been given.

Keywords: standard, characterization data, ICC-profile, Reference Printing Conditions, color separation, parameter of nonlinearity, color gamut, total area of coverage of inks, paper type.

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