Improvement of approaches to sustainable development of fuel and energy complex

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The existence of mankind is directly related to coexistence with the natural environment. The desire to achieve interests has led to an increase in the influence of a human to obtain the necessary resources, but excessive pressure causes threats to a man himself as a part of nature. Scientists consider the term “sustainable development” motivated by a desire to find parity between human needs and the ability to preserve the necessary resources for the existence of subsequent generations. The problem of sustainable development is relevant for all countries without exception; its solution has united the world community. It focuses on solving the problem of sustainable development in the context of compliance with a certain energy policy. The task was to compare the main directions of energy policy to establish differences in the interests (private, public and state) that the development of the fuel and energy complex has on the principles of sustainable development. The comparison was based on the results of establishing the degree of advantage of one direction of energy policy defined in the strategy over another, taking into account the influence of: factors determining the energy security of the state (first stage); different interests in relation to sustainable development (second stage). It has been proved that the sustainable development of the fuel and energy complex consists in creating the appropriate conditions for sustainable growth in the production of fuel and energy, which are able to ensure the interests of current and future generations in access to an inexpensive, reliable, sustainable and modern energy supply, while ensuring energy security. It has been proved that the interests of a citizen in the fuel and energy complex are to ensure his right to access an inexpensive, reliable, sustainable and modern energy supply. The interests of the society in the fuel and energy complex cover the provision of individual and collective needs of consumers for access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy supply, taking into account the interests of the least protected layers of the population and the protection of the environment. The interests of the state are to create conditions for the sustainable development of the fuel and energy complex by applying the most appropriate legal, administrative and economic methods of regulation, to ensure the right of citizens to access an inexpensive, reliable, sustainable and modern energy supply in order to ensure the conditions of its vital activity and well-being properly.

Keywords: sustainable development, fuel and energy complex, strategy, energy policy, energy resources.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2019-2-59-119-125

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