Issue number 2 (59) / 2019


Baran N. V.
Kukura V. V.
Kukura Yu. A.
Repeta V. B.
Research of technological features of the application of GTT-engraving anilox in manufacturing conditions Read more
Kudriashova A. V.
Senkivska N. Ye.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Optimization of the factor priority model on the quality of designing postprinting processes Read more
Buben V. R.
Lutskiv M. M.
Modelling of raster scale lineature impact on optical density Read more
Kulchytska Kh. B.
Predko L. S.
Semeniv M. R.
On the issue of modernizing the printing and publishing unit under the conditions of unstable product demand Read more
Kobevko A. T.
Tymchenko O. V.
General data protection regulation in EU: what to consider for printing industry Read more
Koliada R. V.
Melnyk O. M.
Prokip V. M.
About square roots of matrices over an arbitrary field Read more
Hurtovyi O. H.
Tynchuk S. O.
Uhryn L. S.
Calculation of infinite plate on an undeformed foundation under the action of local loading by the analytical method Read more
Pyrch N. M. Markov equivalence of the bundles of tychonoff spaces and isomorphisms of the groups of continuous mappings Read more
Lysa N. K.
Navytka L. M.
Sabat V. I.
Sikora L. S.
Tupychak L. L.
Information and cognitive concepts of the intellectual activity processes of a person during decision making in crisis conditions Read more


Oneshchak O. Ya.
Palyha I. Ye.
Palyha Ye. M.
Yarema O. R.
Modern transformation and their impact on the economic development of Ukraine Read more
Bazyliuk V. B. A methodical approach to determining the efficiency of conducting business transformation in complex socio-economic systems Read more
Hirniak O. M.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Management professionalism and its impact on reducing the enterprise bankruptcy risk Read more
Shyra T. B. Corporate culture in the process of enterprise corporate security Read more
Busaryev D. V. Improvement of approaches to sustainable development of fuel and energy complex Read more
Karpii O. P.
Struk N. R.
Marketing and logistic management in the conditions of modern entrepreneurship Read more
Khamula O. H.
Sosnovska O. O.
Yarema O. R.
Influence of internal factors on the marketing management process Read more
Kobryn L. Y. Improvement of the assessment methodology of the innovation activity to increase the effectiveness of the enterprise strategic management Read more
Yaremyk Kh. Ya.
Yaremyk M. I.
Methodical approaches of assessment of the enterprise investment security Read more