Influence of paper features and structure on quality of printing imprints folding

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Havenko S. F., Kadyliak M. S., Zhydetskyi V. Ts. № 2 (53) 37-46 Image Image

Peculiarities of imprints folding on coated papers, which are considered problematic because of the complications while bend formation in the longitudinal and transverse directions have been studied. The influence of density, thickness, paper composition and structure on the quality of paper folding has been determined. Based on the research of paper physical and mechanical properties, graphic dependences of strain distribution curves while folding of imprints in the longitudinal and transverse directions have been designed. With the help of the electron microscopy, changes of the surface paper layers in the places of bending while folding have been researched.

Keywords: folding, coated paper, bending quality, microscopy, imprints structure.

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