Issue number 2 (53) / 2016


Durniak B. V.
Khometa T. M.
Algorithm of protection facilities functioning of the social information system Read more
Khariv M. S.
Kochubei V. V.
Maik V. Z.
Research of thermal processes of laser engraving of polymer layers of screen printing plates Read more
Khamula O. N.
Soroka N. V.
Vasiuta S. R.
Factors of influence of interface use based on mobile applications Read more
Havenko S. F.
Kadyliak M. S.
Zhydetskyi V. Ts.
Influence of paper features and structure on quality of printing imprints folding Read more
Kalynii I. V.
Petiak Yu. F.
Pikh I. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Theoretical basis of quality assurance of publishing and printing processes (Part 3. Design of alternatives) Read more
Maiba T. M. Organisation of information complex security system of printing technological process management Read more
Maik V. Z.
Nykyrui V. E.
Research of caustic surface of laser beam in focus of optical system Read more
Kazmirovych O. R.
Kazmirovych R. V.
Automation of cutting of label products on one-knife paper-cutting machines based on programmable logic controllers Read more
Datsii O. I.
Palamar O. O.
Shakhbazov Ya. O.
Shyrokov O. V.
Shyrokov V. V.
Preconditions and features of diffusive nickel plating of alloys of EP202 type in lithium melt Read more
Havrysh B. M.
Levytska H. N.
Polishchuk M. B.
Tymchenko O. V.
Information technology and image forming and processing in output publishing systems Read more
Holubnyk T. S. Print advertising as a form of printed products Read more
Kudriashova A. V. Semantic network of factors of composite design of the edition Read more
Bandura V.
Khrabatyn R.
Pasieka M.
Pasieka N.
Methods of assessing the acquisition of competences of distance learning students Read more


Obertan D. V.
Palyha Ye. M.
Panchyshyn T. V.
Features of development of stock market of Ukraine Read more
Shliakhetko V. V. Comparative analysis of rating of the ease of doing business by small and medium entrepreneurship in Ukraine and some EU countries Read more
Kit V. I.
Mykhasiuk I. R.
Comparative analysis of rating of the ease of doing business by small and medium entrepreneurship in Ukraine and some EU countries Read more
Bazyliuk V. B.
Palyha Ye. M.
New approaches to classification of institutions Read more
Mandzinovska Kh. O. The state’s economic security: essence, elements and problems of ensuring Read more
Karaim M. M.
Shtanhret A. M.
Accounting and analytical support in management process of company economic security Read more
Yaremyk Kh. Ya.
Yaremyk M. I.
Information and analytical support in the management system of financial-economic security Read more
Maliarchuk I. I.
Stetsiv L. P.
Tax differences: mechanism of their calculation and representation in the reporting Read more
Bozhenko O. M. Information support of management of enterprise potential Read more
Hirniak O. M. Motivation of work in the heritage of M. Tuhan-Baranovskyi, its modern development and practical application Read more
Lazanovskyi P. P. Using the method of network planning in operational management of book and magazine production Read more
Sosnovska O. O.
Zhydetska Kh. V.
Contemporary issues of cost management at publishing and printing companies Read more
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Yeremenko A. O.
Assessment of current conditions and results of functioning of a publishing and printing company Read more
Muzh P. O.
Sylkin O. S.
Essence analysis of anti-crisis financial management of company Read more
Khalina O. V. Organizational support of functioning of the controlling system in the enterprise Read more
Struk N. R. Financial flows as an object of logistic management Read more
Hirniak O. M.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Management of personnel time in operations management Read more
Chornenka O. B. Areas of improvement of accounting of receivables and payables for enterprises Read more
Krystyniak M. B. Identification of threats to economic security of small businesses and formation of counteraction algorithm Read more


Baliun O. O. Modern world trends in OOH advertising research Read more
Bondarenko T. H. Information interaction in the «media – audience» system: regional editors expert surveys results Read more
Bezp’yatchuk Zh. I. Symbolic representation of space, time and numbering in media on the example of reporting about Euromaidan Read more
Paslavskyi I. I. Presidential election campaign in the USA: results, consequences, social and political responsibility of the media Read more
Diedushkina A. V.
Fihol N. M.
Editing features of electronic textbook on journalism for higher educational establishments Read more
Kurban O. V. Methods and means of concealment and identification of accounts authorship in social network Read more
Nesterenko O. A. Multimedia story genre Read more
Kuzmuk I. V. A modern small publishing house in Ukraine: main features, types, general characteristics of activity Read more
Khmelovska O. Yu. Ukrainian book exhibitions under ideological control of the USSR (1945–1980 years) Read more
Astaptseva Kh. A. Fashion representation on the pages of women’s magazines in Lviv (end of XIX — first third of XX century) Read more
Pelypets M. I. «Because I am not one of those, who can steal someone’s merit…»: political debate of Stepan Smal-Stotskiy and Ivan Franko in Western Ukrainian press in the late XIXth –– early XXth century Read more
Makarchuk O. H. Getting readers’ feedback as media strategy tool (illustrated at the example of Radical Party journal «Narod» (1890–1895)) Read more