Influence of printing foils on the effectiveness of the Braille tactile perception in its applying by Congreve stamping

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Bazyliuk K. F., Maik V. Z., Vakulich D. A. № 2 (51) 79-85 Image Image

The world important issue is an inclusion of the blind people into the ordinary social environment and ensuring the full formation exchange between them, so today the urgent issue is to improve the process of the information application about the surrounding world on the products packaging of pharmaceutical and food industries of everyday use to meet the needs of the blind people in the independent product identification. The paper researches the peculiarities of the Braille perception by the blind people applied by congreve stamping and using different printing foils on different cardboards. We have done the expert assessment of relief-dot inscriptions by the blind people, the received results have been processed using the Statistica statistical package for generalization of experts’ opinion.

Keywords: Braille typeface, congreve stamping, printing foil, tactile perception, experts, readability.

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