Information technology and image forming and processing in output publishing systems

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Havrysh B. M., Levytska H. N., Polishchuk M. B., Tymchenko O. V. № 2 (53) 93-104 Image Image

It is necessary to reduce the noise level, increase the sharpness, reduce the possibility of moire presence, i.e. to improve the quality of the image before printing for automatic processing of images in output publishing systems. It is much easier to carry out a number of methods of images analysis and processing in the transform area using the Fourier transforms in particular. The paper analyzes the method of obtaining the amplitude spectrum of images. The results of its application for images of simple shapes have been presented, the values of amplitude spectrum for blur and detailed images have been considered. The methods of automatic images processing in output publishing systems of laser type have been shown.

Keywords: images, Fourier character, raster structure, amplitude, DFT module, visualization.

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