Investment processes features in the publishing and printing industry

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Myklushka S. I. № 1 (50) 210-216 Image Image

The problem of violations of the consistency principle in the relationships at the publishing market and the impact of those changes associated with the process of reforms and ownership relations, privatization and restructuring of publishing and printing branch on the investment attractiveness of the publishing and printing industry of Ukraine has been examined. The concept of “investment providing” has been considered and the author’s definition of “investment providing in publishing company” has been found. The major features of the investment in the publishing and printing industry, namely the presence of high level of uncertainty and risk for investors due to the specifics of the industry, inefficiency of the supply and demand law in the market due to the features of the final product creation have been defined. The risk factors and motivator factors for an investor in the publishing market have been allocated.

Keywords: investments, investment support, resources, publishing and printing industry, enterprise, economic activity, the publishing market, investor, financing, risk factors.

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