Marketing and logistic management in the conditions of modern entrepreneurship

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Karpii O. P., Struk N. R. № 2 (59) 126-134 Image Image

The article considers the main mechanisms of basic management directions relevant for today’s business environment of Ukraine. In particular, it is about marketing and logistics. The depth of the relationship between these directions has been found out, the cause-effect relationships, the differences and similarities in the used functional tools have been analysed. Based on the goals of marketing and logistics, the article focuses on the fact that the difference in the influence object creates a so-called “goal conflict”.

The authors of the article recommend the following key elements for the formation of marketing and logistics management in the conditions of modern entrepreneurship: understanding of the process of complexity and importance of building the integration – system links by all participants; willingness of logistics system participants to reorganize in their own logistics systems and searching the ways to merge the marketing and logistics system with the system of other participants in the business environment; the priority of “reliable partnership” as a system-forming element; the allocation of functions and goals to the needs of different target audiences: the end consumers and logistics customers; expanding of the understanding of the consumer category into the target audience category; the authors identify 4 stages of marketing and logistics partnerships; the article analyses the peculiarities of logistic service levels in Ukraine and outlines the potential strategies in view of them.

Thus, marketing and logistics management in the conditions of modern ent­re­pre­neurship is not just an urgent issue, but also a vital one for doing business in Ukraine. Attracting foreign investment contributes to the development of today’s entrepreneur’s understanding of the importance of his innovative management decisions. The desire to build marketing and logistics systems in the business environment of Ukraine is going to reveal the potential of competitiveness of domestic producers and it is going to strengthen the country’s economy.

Keywords: logistics, marketing, consumer, strategy, integration, synergy, mana­ge­ment, entrepreneurship.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2019-2-59-126-134

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