Method of decomposition of network device structure with virtualization of resources

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Beshlei H. V., Beshlei M. I., Pryslupskyi A. M., Romanchuk V. I. № 1 (56) 31-42 Image Image

A new approach to the construction of multiservice infrastructure with virtualization of network devices has been presented. A multiservice network with virtualization is a network in which the mode of work with virtualization is used on one or several network devices. Virtualization of a network device involves the creation of two or more virtual network machines that perform the functions of a switch or router with individual service streams. The method of decomposing the structure of a network device with virtualization of resources has been developed. This method will provide an efficient allocation between different network streams and allow you to improve the quality of real-time streaming services, providing a guaranteed level of QoS services that are loss-sensitive and delay-insensitive in a multiservice infrastructure.

The mathematical model of a network device with virtual routers has been sugges­ted. With the help of this mathematical representation, a method for decomposing the device structure has been developed, which enables to determine the basic parameters of the virtual queue system based on the FIFO algorithm in order to analyse the efficiency of using network resources, as well as to determine the parameters of the service quality of traffic streams of services that are provided for the given intensity of packet arrival on the input interface of the network element. The approach to forecasting the duration of delay of service packets of the i-th virtual router has been suggested, on the basis of which it is possible to obtain results with a higher reliability, the total time of buffering of packages of a certain service when passing through the virtual switches with different loading factors at the design stage for various functional-oriented corporate networks. In addition, the maximum number of transit switches has been calculated that can be installed for the quality support of multiservice services.

Keywords: QoS parameters, virtualization, switch, network resources, multi-service network.

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