Modern world trends in OOH advertising research

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Baliun O. O. № 2 (53) 277-285 Image Image

The purpose of the research is to explore and to summarize the main research methodology in outdoor advertising used in the world. The author has made the first attempt of a comprehensive disclosure of traditional and modern approaches to study the effectiveness of OOH-advertising. Dominant trends in outdoor advertising have been discovered and it has been determined that the further development in the coming years should have the combination of OOH and digital advertising (internet, social networks and mobile devices). Study’s results are that the outdoor advertising industry is in a transitional stage of development and quickly adapts to changes in the media space. An important trend of globalization of ooh-market advertising is the process of standardization, particularly in the research areas of digital advertising.

Keywords: outdoor advertising, Out-of-Home (OOH), research, methodology, digital, Programmatic.

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