Normalization of the printed products production process by digital methods

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Ryvak P. M., Rybka R. V., Oгіркo M. О. № 1 (62) 71-79 Image Image

Norms of materials consumption for technological needs at printing on digital printing devices are developed.

The development of a system of printing standards is a necessary condition for achieving the best results in digital printing technologies. In general, the normalization of technological processes of printing, aimed at improving its productivity and ensuring high quality manufacturing of various printed products that meet international standards.

Today, one of the promising trends in the development of printing houses is the automation of production in general and its individual segments. Modern digital printing technologies such as computer to print and computer to press are actively developing in the market of printing services and contribute to the level of automation of the printing house. For the successful introduction of such technologies in printing production it is necessary to have a regulatory framework, which includes national and regional standards. However, at present, the standardization procedure in its pace lags behind scientific and technological progress, as the standards are already technically outdated, and their use in production is possible only to a limited extent. Based on the above, the immediate solution to this problem is to develop standards for the consumption of materials for technological needs when printing on digital printing devices.

Consumption rates are developed for basic and auxiliary printing materials for printing books, magazines, letterheads and color imaging products on risographs Riso RZ 970E, Riso RP 3700, Riso SF 5030E, Riso CR 1610EP and Konica Minolta bizhub C258 printers, taking into account the most common formats of publications, their approbation is carried out at the enterprises of Lviv.

Keywords: standardization in printing production, international standards, nor­ma­tive documents, digital printing technology, quality indicators of printed products, ana­ly­sis of the process of printed products production.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2021-1-62-71-79

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