Optimization of the process parameters for screen printing on the oxybiodegradable films

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Bazyliuk K. F., Korotka V. O., Zatserkovna R. S. № 1 (50) 50-56 Image Image

The results of experimental research of the screen printing parameters to produce high-quality images on the oxobiodegradable films for packing manufacturing have been presented in this study. As a result of the experimental data analysis the printing parameters with the greatest impact on the ink layer abrasion resistance and the image resolution have been revealed. There detected a direct linear relationship between the ink layer abrasion resistance and the technological gap magnitude, as well as between the image resolution and the resolution mesh stencil. As a result of the study the mathematical model of the research for the ink layer abrasion resistance and the image resolution has been built. The optimization of the screen printing parameters to produce prints with the maximum ink layer abrasion resistance and the high-resolution images have been held.

Keywords: oxybiodegradable film, technological printing parameters, regression analysis, correlation coefficients, mathematical modeling, optimization.

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