Organisation of information complex security system of printing technological process management

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In general functioning of security complex of information management system it is necessary to provide components for the implementation of security process. The main ones are the management system of technological process, security system and risk assessment system. The basis of DRS decision making system is making the system recommendations. Such system is implemented at different levels of the model representation, describing the operation. The most common model is a structural one, which is a graph that describes different possible sequences of implementing the standard mode of the operation. The appearance of emergencies at this level is that the system as a whole on some standard operation mode enters into the top of the graph, from which there are no outgoing edges. If in the graph that displays the structure of the functioning, the management point gets to the top, which belongs to a different mode of operation, it means that there is a failure in the operation mode, which can be diagnosed. At the level of the model, DSR system realizes the construction of a chain, which would ensure the withdrawal process from the top eti, and this chain should consist of ribs belonging to the chains of the standard mode of the operation.

Keywords: methods of protection, information management system, monitoring system, forecasting system.

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