Packaging from flexible materials (methodology grounding of internal volume research)

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Durniak B. V., Mlynko O. I., Rehei I. I. № 1 (54) 13-21 Image Image

The wide use of packaging from flexible materials, which actively displaces other kinds from the market has been emphasized in the article. The need for finding a rational design of such packaging for minimizing the use of packaging materials, energy resources for their manufacturing has been grounded. The design of packaging from flexible materials has been generalised. The basic volume of packaging and the volume of external pockets in the form of conoids have been studied, using the double integration of mathematical expressions. It has been established that the formation of the bottom of the packaging in the form of the ellipse leads to the change of the geometric size of the unit length, which differs from the neck size. The storage capacity of packaging from flexible packaging materials has been found as the difference between the main volume and the volume of the general external unfilled pocket. The further studies of rational design of packaging from flexible materials have been based on the obtained analytical results.

Keywords: packaging, flexible materials, rational design, ellipse, external pocket, conoid.

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