Problems of methodological management principles forming of the economic security of the enterprising structures

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The scientific paper defines the main differences between the enterprising structures and enterprises, a detailed analysis of the content of these concepts and their definition has been done. The concept of an enterprising structure has been analyzed. The content of the system of the social economic relations appearing during the process of the enterprising structure development and functioning has been shown. The main distinctions between the concepts of the enterprising structure and the enterprise have been also identified in the article. The essence and meaning of the “economic security” category has been exposed together with the conditions of its origin The main problems of the enterprise economic security assuring as an improvement factor of modern corporative management have been detected. The requirements to the enterprising structural security forming have been considered, and the recommendations on their success increasing have been offered. The author has proposed his own characteristic of economic security in the conditions of modern corporative management.

Keywords: enterprise, enterprising structure, economic security of the enterprising structure, strategic plan for economic security, security elements of enterprising structures.

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