Reconfiguration of media resources in the process of establishing mobile radio journalism

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The article analyses the use of mobile technologies during radio journalists’ performance of their duties. The experience of Ukrainian and foreign scientists in studying the potential of mobile journalism has been considered, and the notion of “Mojo” (“mobile journalism”) has been studied in the context of historical stages of de­velopment. The transformation of broadcasting in the context of mobile multiscreen jour­nalism is categorically represented through the expansion of the line of devices, the evolution of the genre paradigm, the enrichment of the communicative potential of the radio station, the increased possibilities of positioning information by radio journalists, the implementation of amateur journalistic radio initiatives, the inclusion of the function of reproducing the radio stream in applications, the creation of a variety of programs focused on providing users access to audio information of various types, etc. The potential has been revealed for the development of broadcast through devices that offer users the ability to play selected files later in time, as well as the potential of audio blogs, audio-books, radio shows.

Keywords: audio podcasting, “Mojo”, mobile radio journalism, multi-screen, stre­a­ming radio.

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